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Wanting It All video is now live!

Stephen Leonard’s Wanting It All video is now live! Check it out here:

“I think it’s a real gift when a writer conveys a familiar human emotion in a way that makes me hear it like it’s the first time.  Stephen gave this experience to me with Wanting It All, weaving together some lines that simply made me melt.  His voice is strong, solid, and sensual.  For anyone who has ever questioned love, you will have this song on repeat.” – Tony Award-Winning Actor & International Recording Artis, Levi Kreis

Stephen Leonard featured on OutRadio for November

Stream or download this November’s OutRadio show featuring two songs from Stephen Leonard – Free and I’m Fortified. Listen to Part 1 HERE.

Download or listen to the entire show HERE.

The show also features 22 other LGBTQ artists as well as a 2-hour interview with UK singer/songwriter, Declan Bennet.

Full transcript HERE.

Part 1 – 62:50
Nona Hendryx – Tea Party / When Love Goes to War (2012)
Stephen Leonard – Free / I’m Fortified (2012)
Ian Wilson – Bad Ideas Work Best (2012)
Jen Foster – You Stayed (2012)
Jess McAvoy – Bring Down the House (2012)
Jennifer Corday – Weekend Warrior (2012)
Matt Fishel – Behind Closed Doors (2012)
Kat Devlin – Dear Emmi (2012)
Kevin Wong – Baby Grand (2012)
Ezra Axelrod – American Motel (2012)
Darren Ockert – The Rain From London (2012)
Nash Satterfield – Down Yonder (2012)

Part 2 – 61:34
Tye Blue – A Song From Heaven Down to Earth (2012)
Jason Gould – Morning Prayer (2012)
Krystle Warren – Forever Is a Long Time / You Can Take Me With You (2012)
Broken Social Scene – I’m Still Your Fag (2006)
Lillian Allen – Toronto (2012)
Brent Calderwood – My Man Friday (2012)
Cosmo Jarvis – Gay Pirates (2011)
Matt Gold – Oh, Joe / Come Rain or Come Shine (2012)
Joe Jackson – Real Man (live, 1991)
Bibi Anderson – Girls Will Be Boys / I’m Into Something Good (1980)
Bimbo Boy – Je Suis Une Superstar / Make You Come (2005)

Part 3 – 56:43 — Declan Bennett Interview
Declan Bennett – Love Wins (2011)
Declan Bennett Interview (2012)
Point Break – Freakytime (2000)
Declan Bennett – One Song Glory (2009)
Declan Bennett – Peacefully (1998)
Declan Bennett, as Sumladfromcov – Faithful Lover (2005)
Declan Bennett, as Sumladfromcov – One Step Behind (2005)
Declan Bennett, as Sumladfromcov – 3 Words (2005)
Declan Bennett, as Sumladfromcov – You Got Nothing (2006)

Part 4 – 60:00 — Declan Bennett Interview, Continued
Declan Bennett – Innocent Evening of Drinking (2008)
Declan Interview (2012)
Declan Bennett – Blu Tack (2008)
Declan Bennett – Lessons in love (2008)
Declan Bennett – Vessel (2008)
Declan Bennett – Yesterday (2009)
Declan Bennett – Kidnapped (2011)
Declan Bennett – Cinema (2011)
Declan Bennett – Freer (2011)

Big thanks to JD Doyle! – Stephen Leonard shares first listen of “Wanting It All” shares the first listen of Stephen Leonard’s new single, “Wanting It All” as well as info on the upcoming album, “His Fire.” Check it out here!


"Wanting It All"

“Wanting It All” will be the lead single from Stephen Leonard’s forthcoming second album, “His Fire.”

A native of the Detroit, Michigan area, Stephen’s 2010 debut album “With A Pen” earned him a rightful place in Chicago’s expanding independent music scene. The singer recently finished his second effort, with early reviews citing the album’s rich melodies. “Wanting It All” was personally chosen by Stephen following several live performances, with the singer adding, “It was kind of a difficult decision, since I have my personal favorites on ‘His Fire,’ but ultimately the reaction I received after live performances of the song led me to choose it as the lead single. I’m really anxious to share the mastered version with everyone, and to release a video.”

Come back here or visit for live performances of Stephen’s new material, plus details on upcoming appearances.